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PREFERRED SUBJECTS: Chemistry 20, Chemistry 30, Biology 20, Biology 30, Science 10

ADDITIONAL SUBJECTS: Science 20, Science 30

Devon is a medical student attending the University of Alberta. Additionally, he graduated from his honors BSc degree in Physiology with First Class Honors and the Dean’s Silver Medal in science. 

Devon has ample teaching experience at both the high school and university levels. Along with the countless hours he has spent helping high school students, Devon also holds a Teaching Assistant position for the introductory honours physiology course (PHYSL 212/214) at the University of Alberta. With this position he is required to explain complex concepts to students, as well as answer any questions that they may have.

Devon has a strong background in both chemistry and biology, excelling in university level organic chemistry, general chemistry, physiology, and cell biology and their high school prerequisites.

Devon has a natural love for teaching and prides himself on his ability to help his students achieve whatever their goals might be.




PREFERRED SUBJECTS: Math 10C, Math 20-1, Math 30-1, Math 31


Sam is a 4th year student attending the University of Alberta, currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

During his degree, Sam hopes to specialize in engineering management, exploring subjects such as accounting, legal studies, and economics.

Sam has a strong background in both math and physics, including university level calculus and dynamics, comprised of kinematics and kinetics.

Sam prides himself on developing a personal tutor to student relationship, and watching students grow in their knowledge of mathematics. 




PREFERRED SUBJECTS: Physics 20 and 30

ADDITIONAL SUBJECTS: Math 10C, Math 20-1, Math 30-1

Tazmen is a 3rd year student attending the University of Alberta, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in Physics and a minor in Mathematics.

After his studies, Tazmen hopes to teach the courses that he will be tutoring and thus is currently learning the best pedagogical ways to do this at the University of Alberta.

Tazmen plans to provide a unique perspective as a current student and pre-service teacher to the students which he tutors.

Tazmen has a firm understanding of Physics and Mathematics along with multiple pedagogical strategies to help students develop skills to succeed in the classroom.




PREFERRED SUBJECTS: Science 10, Biology 20, Biology 30, Chem 20, Chem 30

ADDITIONAL SUBJECTS: Math 10C, Math 20-1, Math 30-1, Physics 20

Ashley is recent graduate from Grant Macewan University, obtaining a bachelor of science
degree majoring in both sciences and psychology.

Ashley is now in her first year of the secondary education after degree program at the University
of Alberta, majoring in Biology and minoring in general sciences.

Ashley’s extensive background in biology gives her the ability to help students develop
strategies for memorizing concepts, and hopes that tutoring students will give her experience that
can help her during her after degree. 

Along with biology, Ashley is very strong in the mathematics, and can help students work
through problems by providing step-by-step instructions to completing problems.




PREFERRED SUBJECTS: Chemistry 20, Chemistry 30, Biology 20, Biology 30, English 10-1, English 20-1, English 30-1

ADDITIONAL SUBJECTS: Social 10-1, Social 20-1, Social 30-1, Math 10C

Ethan is a 4th year BSc Honors student at the University of Alberta studying Immunology and Infection. His current interests are in malaria and vaccine development.  Following his undergraduate degree, he plans to pursue a Masters in Public Health.

Ethan has a strong background in biology and chemistry courses. He also has an interest in social studies and writing, in which he excelled at the high school and university level. As well, he has experience in teaching and leadership through coaching basketball.

Ethan understands the difficulty of grasping a confusing concept and strives to develop strategies with the student based on their specific learning style and skills.




PREFERRED SUBJECTS: Math 10C, Math 20-1, Math 30-1, Math 31, Math 7-9

ADDITIONAL SUBJECTS: Chemistry 20, Chemistry 30, Science 7, Science 8, Science 9

Fantahun is a 3rd year Ph.D. degree student in Bioresource and Food Engineering at the University of Alberta, and his current research focuses on converting wood components into biodegradable plastic materials.

He has strong mathematics and chemistry knowledge at both the university and high school levels.

He has taught different mathematics and chemical engineering courses at Addis Ababa University and other two universities in his home country, Ethiopia.

He teaches mathematics and chemistry in an easy way that students can understand the subject matter, and enhance their critical thinking.